Free Comic Book Day and International Tabletop Day

While this blog is primarily focused toward video games, I will indubitably stray into other categories of free and cheap fun. Free Comic Book Day and International Tabletop Day are the perfect examples.

Free Comic Book Day started several years ago, and has been growing stronger with each year. The first Saturday in May marks Free Comic Book Day, and on FCBD, the majority of comic shops order a selection of comics from reputable and up-and-coming publishers to be given away for FREE! Most shops will ask you to take somewhere between 1 and 5 of these comics and usually have other sales and deals going on. Personally, I stock up on FCBD and only buy more comics if a situation presents itself. It’s not unusual for me to hit 3 or 4 different comic shops, load up on all the free issues I want, and I always buy something from participating stores as well. This might be one cool thing on sale, or another stack of comics. I’ll have anywhere from a dozen to 30 new comics after a good FCBD adventure, which is enough to scratch my itch for most of the year. You’ll find mainstay offerings from DC and Marvel as well as indie publishers looking for fans and cult favorites like The Tick. So if you’re free this Saturday, you can use the Free Comic Book Day Store Locator to find participating shops near you!

Usually a week or two before Free Comic Book Day is International Tabletop Day. While International Tabletop Day isn’t as exciting of an event as FCBD, it can still be a fun opportunity to visit local hobby shops and try some cool board games. Of course the shops should have some sort of sale going on, helping you save on some pricey board games, but many also have a bunch of games out for people to learn and play. My wife and I usually spend half the day playing new games, then pick the one we liked best and buy it on sale, then return home to play some more. International Tabletop Day can be a great way to get involved with your local hobby shop, meet fellow board gamer enthusiasts, and just have fun. Not to mention, saving money never hurts!

P.S. Sorry I didn’t give fair warning this year for ITD!


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