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Let It Die


This game was nothing short of an obsession of mine for the better part of a month (and I’m still playing it months later). With controls and combat akin to the Dark Souls series or the more recent Nioh, and an excessively dark and grimy atmosphere reminiscent of my personal favorite games such as Condemned 2: Bloodshot, with a dash of unforgiving quirkiness mixed in, Let It Die was very nearly the perfect game for me, plus it’s free-to-play on PS4.

I probably have more mileage on this game than anything else on my PS4 except maybe Final Fantasy XV (which I nabbed for $30 months ago) which is pretty good for a free game! Basically, Let It Die is an unforgiving, endless battle through the apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo inspired Tower of Barbs (basically Hell). You’ll be greeted by Uncle Death, the amazing mascot of this game created by the brilliant mind of Suda51 who is best known for his games Killer7 and No More Heroes, and he was also involved with Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, Black Knight Sword, and Killer Is Dead. If you’ve played any of those, you’ll be familiar with the special brand of strange that is so enticing and entertaining in Let It Die.


As for gameplay, the controls were obviously inspired by Dark Souls, with similar stamina, dodge, and attack functions that translate effortlessly between games. While you shouldn’t expect this game to replace Dark Souls, you should definitely enjoy it if you enjoyed the Souls series. As I mentioned, Let It Die takes place in the Tower of Barbs, which is basically a gigantic tower filled with strange and terrifying zombies, cyborgs, and monstrosities. Again, the inventory, items, and equipment functions are similar to Dark Souls, though you’ll be treated to a host of modern, futuristic, and just plain weird equipment ranging from mundane to steampunk. Whether you’re burning someone with a clothes iron, shredding them with a circular saw, or mowing them down with an assault rifle, each combat is visceral and violent. You’ll face hordes of undead fighters, occasional bosses, and even the ghosts of other players. This pseudo-multiplayer feature is also reminiscent of Dark Souls, where you can be invaded by other players in the tower or your base, though they are AI controlled opponents with only the gear and level of other players (no actual multiplayer yet).


With the same risk/reward paradox of pushing farther up the tower and hoping you don’t die and lose all of the experience and equipment you’ve gained, you push on looking to turn on elevators (sort of like Dark Souls’ bonfires) that will take you safely back to your base with shops and storage. Death is far from permanent, with several ways to retrieve your dead corpse such as hiring someone to do it or defeating your zombified character with another character, death can be a big inconvenience but you won’t lose much.


With brutal and unique combat, a powerful atmosphere, and an INCREDIBLE SOUNDTRACK, Let It Die is a must-play for any action-RPG fans who don’t mind a challenge or some violence, especially Dark Souls fans. If you have a PS4, download Let It Die right now.

P.S. I listen to the Let It Die soundtrack regularly. Story has it that Suda51 simply asked a bunch of popular Japanese bands to make a song titled “Let It Die” and with no more information than that many really popular bands (such as ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D) sent back songs and they were all put into the game. The genres are varied, but almost every song is awesome.


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